Our workshops and keynotes are designed to maximize a community's organizational culture. They have been described as exciting, fascinating, interactive and impactful. The topics range from leadership, creativity, and community for both individuals and organizations.


MBTI Workshop/Keynote

This MBTI workshop helps you understand the natural ways you manage your time and organize your life.


StrengthsFinder Workshop/Keynote

The Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and workshop/keynote will help you understand how to maximize productivity, morale, and engagement.


Leadership Radial Workshop/Keynote
The Leadership Radial unpacks the anatomy of leadership and the 4 basic elements of leadership that you need on your team every moment of every day.


People Of Destiny Workshop/Keynote
The most recent research in business has revealed that one of the greatest indicators of productive workplaces is friendship. This workshop/keynote unpacks the 4 habits of extraordinary friendships.


Crafting Your Story Through Spoken Word
Our stories aren't just meant for us. We learn and experience things that other people need to be inspired or comforted or healed by. Poetry pushes us to be intentional about our word choice, and in this workshop, it will also push us to be honest with ourselves.  Attendees will walk away with a poem they've written and shared (half the power is in the sharing!), and hopefully, with a little bit more freedom.


The Art of Vulnerability in Leadership
Vulnerability in leadership is actually just leadership stripped of the images we've tacked onto it. True leadership is vulnerable, humble, and courageous. We're all going to stumble in the journey to arrive here; the art is in how we get up and keep moving.  This workshop will provide the context for leaders to begin experiencing the power of vulnerability in leadership.


The Power of Habits
Everyone has habits, some good while others not so good. We seek to break away from things that are not good for us: food, addictive behaviors, or thoughts. Yet, we don't harness the things we do well, and so any success we achieve is occasional and inconsistent at best. But what if habits could be good for us? More specifically, what if habits for our daily lives could help us grow as individuals? In this series we examine six basic steps, using a myriad  of personal stories, spiritual insights, and relevant events that place us on the path towards healthy habits.

King Maker
In this session Goodie shares insights from his extensive research and writings as a scholar and from his upcoming book, King Maker: The Leadership Lessons of Martin Luther King Jr.with Athletes and Entertainers. Ten leadership principles relevant for all times and circumstances are given. Whether you're seeking to advance a movement for social change, raise issues of fairness and equality, or promote the importance of leadership output within your organization, this session brings all of these things and more into focus.


Bullying: Of Monsters & Men Keynote
Bullying doesn’t just threaten our safety, it challenges our sense of self and hope for the future. Through storytelling and a heart for both the bullied and bully, Johan unpacks this issue by leading us towards compassion beyond the simplistic, “don’t do it” message. We must veer from the monstrous cycle of revenge and move into the compassionate stance that keeps us human.


The Crazy Ones Keynote
Johan believes that we all have a little bit of crazy in us that is waiting to be unleashed. His story is CRAZY, to say the least. Now he is spending his life encouraging kids to be crazy enough to think that their lives can make a difference.