• King Maker by Marcus "Goodie Goodloe

King Maker by Marcus "Goodie Goodloe





 "The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most influential narratives in American and world history. Here, Dr. Marcus 'Goodie' Goodloe shares a missing and often forgotten part of that story, writing vividly and insightfully about King's efforts to intersect athletes and entertainers in the struggle for equal opportunity, justice, and peace. Kingmaker: Applying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Leadership Lessons in Working with Athletes and Entertainers will inspire you to live differently while pursuing more enlightening and practical ways to do just that. Dr. Goodloe challenges us all to learn from and understand Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy in new and different ways. Focusing on King's working relationships with respected figures in the athletic and entertainment industries, Goodloe extracts 'leadership lessons' from which people of all walks of life can learn. A remarkably revealing and highly provocative presentation by an emerging young King scholar, who is also committed to educating and empowering 'Kingmakers' for today and tomorrow."

– Lewis V. Baldwin
Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies
Vanderbilt University