A Haunting Question

By David Gerber

One question has been haunting me lately; weighing heavy on my soul:

"Am I playing to win or am I playing not to lose?"

Read that again, slowly, and think about the areas of your life you are frustrated with.

Are you playing to win? Or are you playing not to lose?

When we play not to lose, we focus on what we stand to lose if we leap. This is greed to the core.

When we risk, we focus on all that we will give in sacrifice for others. This is generosity at its best.

When we risk, we intentionally choose to play to win. We focus on the difference we are committed to make rather than what it will cost us.

What are you willing to let go of so you might lay hold of the abundance beyond your horizon, knowing it may get more challenging before you see it?

David A. Gerber works for Spark Good as a speaker, executive coach, and writer committed to this question: "What is your revolution?" He empowers people to choose their revolution, own their future, and live without regret - one moment at a time. His primary focus is working with students and creative professionals who are courageous enough to make a difference. You can find out more at www.davidagerber.com or email him at david@sparkgood.com.

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